Friday, August 7, 2009

Glitter toes!!

Have you heard of this exciting new discovery called glitter toes??

There is really no denying that I am in love with all things that sparkle. If it's pink AND it sparkles... well then I have got to have it! It drives John a little nuts, and I get it from my mom. I also get my feet from my mom, but that's a whole 'nother story ;O) Just kidding mom... I love our feet.

Anyway, I was really excited when my mom invited Tara and I over to get glitter toes, because I had heard pretty good things about them. Never had seen them, but they seem to be all the rave around here. So Wednesday night a lady who does them met us all at my mom's house, and after much debate over what color to chose, and a lot of mind changing (there were like 40 different colors/shades/sparkle factors to chose from, it was not easy! Loved this pink and that pink and the other pink, but the purple was super pretty too. And THEN look how cool the blue is! But mom says the gold looked awesome on that one lady... but this reddish pink one is sooo 'me'! Oh look at that one!) eventually we each ended up with beautiful shiny new glitter toes. We were shocked to see how it's done too. First a layer of 'gel', the dump on then glitter, then another layer of gel to seal the deal, and VWALAH! Glitter toes. No nail polish involved.

I woke up Wednesday morning and honest to goodness, the very first thought in my head before I even got out of bed was "I can't wait to see how my toes sparkle in the sun!" Seeing your toes sparkle in the house doesn't even take a stand next to how they look in real sunlight. They really catch your eye. Like a brand new engagement ring, I would even dare to say.

Anyway, here are the little beauties! They sparkle like there's no tomorrow, and they 100% will not chip because they are coated with gel. You actually have to file the glitter off once it grows out and you don't want them anymore, which will probably be a pain, but I'm thinking totally worth it!

Just ignore my little sausage toes! I'm retaining water this week! Mmmkay?


lexa Jean said...

Oh my gosh!! I love reading your blog, it's so cute, and you are soo funny! I'm with you all the way!! I love pink and sparkles. That nail polish is AMAZING!!! I love It, and your feet look better then mine!

Rowley's said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging! My mother in law does glitter toes. I have yet to have it done, but Aubrey has had them done a few times and I love them on her. I can only imagine the "sun sparkle"! We need to get together soon. I wish Nate's football work schedule was more predictable, but we want to find time before school start!

tara said...

what's wrong with sausage toes?

that was fun and yes i stare at my feet the whole time i'm outside. :)

Grammy said...

SO much bling and only 10 toes to use it on!!

yorkshirepud said...

never heard of it before but they certainly are pretty.