Friday, August 28, 2009

Sharing blogs through blogging...

As we all know, I have a tendency to spend (way too much) time sitting here at work surfing the Internet. That's never been a secret. John always likes to ask me "What do you do all day???" My typical response being "I honestly don't know. Sit around? Dust? Read blogs?" And then I will usually tell him about an interesting/funny/stupid/lovely blog I came across that day. There are usually at least 1, if not more from each category every single day. Then I sit for a minute and think about how I hate feeling like I am wasting so much of my life just sitting here and not doing anything and then I get over it and life goes on. So if you have a blog, I've probably seen it. I'm starting to feel like I've seen every blog out there and while a ton of them are a huge waste of my time (no, not yours!) I do occasionally come across a really great blog that makes me so happy and adds mass amounts of goodness to my day.

Anyway I have this *thing* for adoption blogs. Adoption books. Adoption stories. All things adoption, really. I always have. And I assume it's either because my mother was adopted, or maybe it's because at some point in my life I will make the decision to adopt? I really don't know. But once again that's besides the point and I just really love adoption stories and a lot of people use blogging as a way to document their journey of going from childless to parenthood.

Anyway! I just came across this blog that made me cry, and I wanted to share it because I know you could all use a good cry as well. The way the birth mother came to find them is almost unbelievable. Or I should say it's amazing, for a better word.

This post

And this post

Are the ones that gave me tears. Congratulations to Que and Brittney, and to their loving birth mother for making the most selfless of all decisions.


MEG said...


Do you have more of these?! That was really cool to read!

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

Thank you Mallory! We are very excited! Thank you for sharing our story- it's the best story we know. :)

tara said...

oh i forgot to tell were adopted. :)
love ya, sis.