Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our little babies.

How did I know that putting the word babies in my title would capture your attention?

So at the beginning of the month, John and I came home from a camping trip to discover a cute little bird nest in one of our hanging flower pots. Not really thinking much of it, John took the nest out and set it in the yard. We had birds in our hanging pot last summer and it was kind of obnoxious because it's right on the front portch where we spend a lot of time in the summer evenings.

Two weeks later we returned again from another camping trip to discover 2 little blue eggs in the flower pot, right where the nest had been sitting. John grabbed the nest from the yard and scooped the eggs into it, and sat the nest back into the pot. Two days later we discovered that there were now 4 eggs in the pot! So that was fun and cute and we didn't really think much of it again.

Then last week John went to water the plants, and discovered that those eggs were hatching! Right that very minute. 3 of them had already hatched but the last one just had his little egg cracked, and he couldn't seem to get out.

We left them alone so the little one could finish hatching in peace, and checked them later that evening and saw that the little runt still wasn't out of his shell and seemed to be struggling. At this point, we got 2 pairs of tweezers and took turns for about 30 minutes trying to help the little guy get out of his shell. It was so nerve racking! We didn't want to hurt him, but it was pretty clear that he was stuck in there. We think we had scared the momma bird away earlier in the day and that she was probably supposed to be there to help it finish hatching. Anyway, we got the little baby out of his egg and crossed our fingers that we had done more good than damage to the poor little thing.

The next day, they were all still there and all alive, even the little runt! We were so happy :)

At one day old. They are SO tiny! And ugly!

At 6 days old. They have almost doubled in size!

And that's the end of our baby bird story.

In other news, we have already been on quite a few camping trips this summer and have been having SO MUCH FUN. We are lucky that my parents love going camping, and invite us along wherever they go. We can't seem to get enough hiking, biking, and rzr riding lately. I will leave you on that note, with an ample supply of pictures from our summer adventures thus far.

We were soaking from head to toe after this plunge.

Cooling off after a big hike.
Andrew. He is such a little lovie.


Drey. The little ones LOVE rzr rides.

At the end of one hike John and I went on, you had to either cross the river to get to the main road, or backtrack the 90 minutes of bushwhacking we had just done. I'd had enough trailblazing for one day, so we chose the river. Then I chose to walk through rather than attempt to cross on the plank because I didn't want to risk falling in. Glad you can't see the tears welling up in my eyes at this point! Ice cold water + bare feet and lots and lots of rocks + fast moving water = not a happy girl.

Dads hot roll holder.

Love :)