Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She's back! For now...

Once again, I'm pretty sure it's the caffeine talking. But I'm at work. And I'm bored. And since Thanksgiving is well over, I wont feel too cliche' making a list of things I'm thankful for. So here is my list. In no particular order. Except for #1. He's there for a reason!

  1. JOHN (I could go on and on and on here, but I'll spare you.)
  2. My job. Even though I don't always act thankful for it, I truly am.
  3. My health.
  4. My family.
  5. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  6. The Internet.
  7. Good books.
  8. Soft blankets on my bed.
  9. Education.
  10. Knowing who my true friends are.
  11. My calling in the Primary. Another one that I don't always act thankful for, but really I am.
  12. Health Insurance.
  13. The fact that my parents are about to move to Japan which = John and I getting to visit them in Japan!
  14. My sister.
  15. Makeup and hairspray. And yummy smelling shampoo. And fun body wash. So basically I'm thankful for Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. Don't judge.
  16. Warm clothes!
  17. Our little apartment.
  18. Flowers!
  19. Christmas.
  20. Things that sparkle.
  21. Forgiveness.
  22. My blue/silver Christmas Tree!!
  23. Having lots and lots of little nephews.
  24. Knowing that there is life after death.
  25. Pink.
  26. Ebay.
  27. Being married in the Temple.
  28. My car.
  29. Candles.
  30. The little cat that always comes by my work and sits outside my door.
  31. Music.
  32. Pictures.
  33. Cell phones.
  34. My wedding rings.
  35. Running water.
  36. People who make you think "Ah, there really ARE good people left in this world."
  37. Vacations, big or small.
  38. The ocean and crabbing!
  39. Happy memories.
  40. The freedom we are blessed with living in the US.
  41. Postum. (I get it from my dad...) On cold nights. Sitting in bed, watching Seinfeld reruns.

That's all for now folks :O) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and has a special and meaningful Christmas!