Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the LOVE!

Somebody, anybody... please explain this to me!

I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be allowed to watch reality TV shows (mostly the 'find your true love in 3 weeks!' ones) because all they do is turn me into a horribly judgmental person. And it's completely justified because I swear I am not choosing to judge these people... they are 100% asking for it! The Cougar? Hello trashy. Dating in the dark? Sorry but when the lights finally come on, those people are typically just as superficial as the next guy. How about the new More To Love plus-sized Bachelor show? It's like they thought "Hey we've tried everything else in the book, why wouldn't we exploit the heavy girls?!" The real question is, why didn't they have some average and plus sized women on all the previous Bachelor shows? Isn't it more 'realistic' if not every single woman is a size 2? Or how about the not so popular I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here! Now THAT was such a joke of a show that John and I watched almost every episode just because we couldn't believe how stupid it was. Truly. It's just so funny/sad/embarrassing/ridiculous/ to me that entertainment has really come down to this!

The truth is that I only watched the very first episode of "The Bachelorette", and then I watched about 6 minutes of the finale. And all I can really think is... HUH?? Are these people for real?? I'm pretty sure I was more truly in love with my first grade boyfriend than these people are with each other. To each his own, I suppose.


MEG said...

I need to put my elliptical machine in front of the TV and start watching some of these shows!

My favorite lately has been "Ruby". Love that show. I know, I'm a superficial bitch for finding entertainment in a woman struggling to lose weight. Maybe misery loves company - HA!

Mallory said...

Truth be told Megan- The only reason I haven't seen Ruby is because I dont have the Style Channel. Otherwise that sounds like just my cup o' tea!

And I've got to tell you, I've had my best elliptical workouts while watching the Biggest Loser! Nothing motivates you quite like witnessing ppl drop double digits in 7 days.

Grammy said...

I TOTALLY agree....they're "So happy" right now....uhhuh....I give them a year...max.

Hoffman Family said...

Mallory, you are such a crack up. I totally agree with what you said about the reality shows though. It's getting pretty low, but I do like the Biggest Loser.

By the way, thanks for your sweet comment. Weight loss has been a life-long battle for me, so it's nice to get compliments every now and then. I wasn't sure if you really wanted an answer to your question or not so I'll give a somewhat brief one. After I had Jarom I was bound and determined to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I worked out 1 hr a day 6 days a week and watched my calorie intake. I did lose for awhile and then I plateaued and I'm still there. Okay, so that turned out to be a much longer answer than I anticipated, but there you go.

lexa Jean said...

I'm so glad your back to blogging!!! I couldn't figure all the stuff out last time, but now I can see everything! thanks for letting me know! hope to hear more soon!

Kierdie Bug said...

Hey mallory, I was looking at lexa's blog and saw that you have one, I hope it's okay that I added you!