Monday, July 27, 2009

Kenny Chesney, you adorable little cowboy.

Last week John and I went on a hot date with Scott and Heather to the Kenny Chesney concert.

And we had pretty crappy ($25) tickets. But it's not like that really matters because Kenny Chesney rocks no matter where you're sitting.

But during Miranda Lambert we were a little sick of sitting in the smoldering sun and went walking around to find a few minutes of shade. (Heather and I missed the memo that in order to fit in with the crowd you're supposed to wear the shortest jean skirt you can find, with a tiny little tank top and extra push-up bra along with cowgirl boots... pretty classy Utah!) Anyway, we then discovered a row of empty seats in the shade, QUITE close to the stage. A significant amount closer to the stage than our original seats. We figured we would get asked to move before too long, but we sat there anyway to enjoy it while we could. And guess what? Nobody ever came to ask us to move or claim the seats! So we had great seats for the whole concert! Beautiful luck. It was awesome. He even sang every single song I was hoping for and surprised us all with the classic "Me and You", which may or may not have made me a little teary.


Hoffman Family said...

Mallory, that concert looked like a lot of fun. I'd like to go to a music concert with Steve someday. We did go to "Wicked" though and that was fun. That's a cute picture of you and your hubby.

MEG said...

Nice to see you back in the blogging world Mallory! It's actually nice that you took a bit of a sabbatical. Now that you've been married for a little over a year, you most likely won't blog about things that make us want to puke. (not that you ever did). A friend of mine who got married this summer never ceases to amaze me with her posts about her perfect husband and "I love my life" bull crap.

I like your posts and your writing style. I'm glad you're back.