Monday, September 19, 2011

Holy cow, she's updating her blog!

Well I'm bored sitting here at my desk and figured I would go ahead and give a little public update on life. Though I'm not totally sure where to begin!

Overall, it's been a pretty relaxing and enjoyable summer. My main activity has been taking a cool shower and a nap almost every day after work, and it doesn't get much better than that as far as I'm concerned! We did a little bit of camping, but missed out on a lot of the fun outings we generally do like hiking, biking, long walks, playing tennis, etc. This baby is very low which = some serious pelvic pain since about 20 weeks which = feeling like a horse kicked me in the crotch pretty much all the time. So we are hoping to make up for those lost adventures next summer with our little Leo in tow!

I have exactly 10 more days of work left. I don't even know what else to say about that other than OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED/GRATEFUL TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM! Every morning it's getting more and more difficult to (literally) roll myself out of bed and get to work on time. If you could see my hair and makeup most days, you'd be embarrassed for me. I'm just. so. exhausted. I never realized how often pregnant women get up to pee in the night. Or just simply can't get to sleep. Or wake up at 4am wide awake. Or like last night, I jumped out of bed when I felt vomit shoot up my throat and out my nose. No clue how or why this happened, I wasn't even nauseous, but ooooh it burned. And then I couldn't sleep because my sinuses were on fire. Tmi? Yes.

We only have 6 weeks left (give or take) and are getting SO excited to meet this little man! At times it still feels so surreal and I'm not completely sure when it will all really sink in. He is getting big and strong and he is constantly kicking, jabbing, rolling, and hiccuping, and pressing his back so hard against me that it completely distorts my stomach and you can see the outline of his little back pushing out. I love it because John can feel his little body move around in there. Its amazing how much love you can feel for a little creature that you haven't even seen yet!

Aside from the fatigue, the crotch pain, crying at the silliest things, and honest to goodness not having a brain half the time, things haven't been too bad! Last night John and I were watching 20/20 about a family who gets stranded in a snow storm in the wilderness for 9 days, and the husband dies of hypothermia. Throughout the entire show they make it clear that the husband doesn't survive, and I thought dang that's really sad but at least the rest of them lived. Then at the end of the show the woman talked about being notified that her husband had died, and I just completely lost it. I burst into tears and sobbed into my pillow uncontrollably. I knew how ridiculous I was being, but I just couldn't stop! John came and sat next to me and rubbed my back, telling me "Shhhh, It's ok... I'm sure he didn't even know what was happening and didn't feel any pain at all...." The moral of this story is I am very grateful that my husband is adorable and simply tries to help however he can, even when I'm just being crazy and he feels totally helpless :)

I have been surprised at the whole 'pregnancy brain' phenomenon. I have no clue what causes it but it's no joke my friends! A couple of weeks ago I started to get allergies pretty bad, so I would take a 24 hour allergy pill every night before bed, and give one to John too. I did this for about 10 days or so and couldn't believe how terrible my allergies still were. I was still waking up in the night sneezing with a stuffy nose, itchy throat, it was horrible. Then I went to take the pill one night and as I grabbed the box they were in and actually READ IT I was horrified to discover that it was no allergy pill at all. It was IMMODIUM. I had been feeding John and myself IMMODIUM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR ALMOST 2 WEEKS. We laughed until we cried over that one. I've put milk in the cupboard where the dishes go. Thought I lost $1000 at work simply because I counted wrong (and spent almost 2 hours trying to find this 'lost' money before realizing I had just miscounted.) I've done things and then couldn't remember later that afternoon if I had actually done them. It's crazy! If my brain doesn't make an appearance when this child does, I'm going to be in trouble!

Well that's all for now. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful summer and is starting to enjoy this cooler weather!


tara said...

bahahaha. i like the "kicked in the crotch by a horse". that's pretty spot on, actually. i watched the 20/20 thing too and it was so sad! don't worry, pregnancy brain only improves about 75%. :D

Shelley said...

The constant night peeing just prepares you for the constant night feedings/diaper changes. You get less sleep when baby gets here, but at least you have a sweet little bundle to visit at night instead of just the bathroom. :)

MEG said...

LOL. I don't think my brain ever recovered. It's a sad story. :)