Monday, August 23, 2010

Etc. Etc. Etc.

John and I were talking the other day, and he asked me what my favorite camping trip this summer has been. And after racking my brain for a few minutes, I realized I have absolutely no clue! Not just because we have been on countless camping trips, but I couldn't really remember them all individually. And that made me a little bit sad.

For those of you who were around for my first blog, you know I blogged a ton. I loved being able to look back on old posts there and see pictures from different little trips we took and things we did, because otherwise those memories are mostly lost to me.

So here I am :) Making a point to take pictures, and blog more. Simply for my own (and John's) good. Because we do lots of fun stuff and I want to remember it! (Well the good stuff anyway!)

We don't go to a lot of concerts, but in the past couple of weeks we went to the Tim Mcgraw + Lady Antebellum concert, and the Jack Johnson + G Love concert. Both were really fun! One thing is for sure- if you sit in the grass at Usana... you will witness some interesting things for sure! Take this lady for example:

Yes. That is her butt cheek.

This lady was sitting right in front of us at the Tim concert. She reached down and touched it a couple of times, so she definitely knew the rip was there. Just imagine when she bent over... there was nothing left to the imagination my friends!! All the people next to us were snapping pictures with their phones and cameras... I wasn't sure weather to be emberassed for her or just disgusted! Overall the concert was really fun, and I sat and stared at John in amazment as he sang along with most of the Lady A songs. Neither of us were sure how/why he knew them, but he did. I fell in love with him just a little more that day ;)

While we were waiting for the Jack concert to begin, we went down into the area that had little hippy booths set up to walk around. And out came Jack and G Love on this little platform to perform a couple songs! It was awesome. We were really close to the front and there were just maybe 100 or so people gathered around. It was like a mini private show. Also Paula Fuga did a couple of songs with them.(Click her name to see a video) She is SO talented!

G Love and Jack Johnson


For John's Birthday we had an awesome bbq rib dinner at his parents house, and Hillary made his Birthday cake. It was pretty creative looking, and tangerine flavored.

There is a long funny story behind the interesting look of that cake, but you kind of had to be there. Bottom line is it was delicious, and hilarious. Happy 27th Birthday Johnathan, you old man :)

We recently had a campout at Ledgefork with my parents and Tara and Darce and their boys, and Drey. The weather was great and we had lots of fun! Boston and Drey are both 2 and it's so funny to watch them play together. I snapped just a couple of pictures when John and I took the RZR up the mountain. The clouds were rolling in and it was so beautiful.

Nap time
Drey and Uncle John. They're pretty good buddies!


So due to my lack of blogging altogether, I haven't mentioned that John got a new job as a Revenue Agent for the IRS. We are both really excited! When he found out that he got it, he said "It feels really weird to have a job that you need a degree for." That made me laugh. He finished school last December, but nothing really changed with graduation- other than he didn't have to go back to school when January came around. So i'm really happy for him that things are changing now and his hard HARD work and dedication to schooling is starting to pay off. So far he is loving the job and is doing really well putting his knowledge to the test.


Last weekend we had the opportunity to steal Drey for a couple days. It's so fun to have that little guy around. My mom dropped him off at my work at 11, just in time for a nap! I was worried about how he would do, but I threw a couple blankets down and turned out the light and he was out for 2 solid hours! The hardest part was keeping myself from locking the Credit Union door and curling up next to him.

We don't really have any extra space in our bedroom for Drey, so we put up the blowup mattress and slept upstairs, with him on the couch. Drey helped John blow up the mattress and thought it was the coolest thing ever. The expression below says it all!

Then there was blow up mattress wrestling, which was undeniably entertaining! (And I promise- there were no tears involved!)

Over the weekend we played at the park (3 times, 1 in the rain) ate cupcakes at Vintage Cupcake Co. (most delicious and prettiest cupcake you will ever have, btw!), went to the farmers market (where we watched a guy get arrested like 15 feet from the big toy at the park... gotta love O-town, right?), took naps, watched the Little Mermaid, and went to a BBQ at Zac and Hill's where Drey played with Harrison and Trevor. It was a busy weekend but we had lots of fun!

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MEG said...

Mal I agree about trying to document trips. I have the WORST MEMORY when it comes to what we've done and which summer. I've printed a blog book every year for the past 3 years now and it helps so much. Otherwise you forget the "little" trips. Blog books are getting better over the years too. If people are bored by your blog they can scan through it, but the point is you will have a record.