Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please help...

I know money is tight everywhere, but I don't know anyone who can't sacrifice $10 to help aid those in Haiti right now whose lives have been shattered in the earthquake. I know if I were there, I would be on my knees begging God, praying for help from people like you and me. We are all so blessed people!!! We can't sit here and allow those people to suffer without offering the slightest bit of help. Right now is the time to help.

Read this article.

Really, just take the 5 minutes and read it please.

Did you read the part that states there could be as many as 100,000 dead? Or maybe even up to 500,000 dead?? Or more???? I can't even imagine the heartache involved in such a disaster.

For those interested in helping immediately, simply text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill (I checked it out and it's 100% legit, set up by the mGive Foundation. Every penny of that $10 goes straight to the Red Cross). Once you text, they will text you back asking to confirm. Reply "YES". Then they will send you 2 more texts and you just reply "STOP" to never hear from them again. Simple as can be!

Click here for other ways to help!

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lexa Jean said...

I think this is sooooo sad!! I wish I had the money to go over there and actually give aid as well!! I can't imagine what that's like, living through that, and in a poor country like they are.. I wish I would set aside ten dollars a month in efforts to help all of those countries and make care packages or something.. I'm so glad we have the blessings we do. All of this though is making me nervous for when we have our "big earthquake" and I know it says that "the righteous shall not fear" I must not be where I need to be, but i'm working on it. Earthquake and tornadoes have ALWAYS scared me!

Your so sweet to post this!! :) thanks for the info!!